Welcome to the homepage of Joby Joseph, DDS.  Dr. Joseph emphasizes genuine honesty, quality oral health care, and a relaxed manner in a modern setting.  Dr. Joseph practices in the Milford, CT area including West Haven and Stratford.  Balancing his career with international missions work in Africa, teaching dentistry at Yale, and church involvement has kept Dr. Joseph on the move!

Dr. Joseph has ended his relationship with Soundental Associates of West Haven as of 3/20/14, and currently practices at Frank Ross & Associates in Stratford, Connecticut (exit 32 off I-95).  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph, please phone the office at (203) 375-3763.

For information about the recent change of location, email Dr. Joseph at drjobyjoseph@yahoo.com, or phone him personally at (203) 701-8421.